Login and Play

Login via Facebook, or try the game anonymously (without scores and social features).

After login you can see a tab with 4 options: Game, Connect, Explore, and Settings.

On the Game tab, you can start a game with a randomly generated word or type a new word. The level of the game and your score are displayed on the screen. After selecting one word, new similar words are populated for you to add to chain.

The 'abc' button can be used to add a new word to the chain by typing. Using the refresh button you can start a new game and using the list button, you can see all words in the chain.

  • Login and Play Screen
  • New Chain Screen
  • Game Screen

Social Content

The application suggests media content related to the last few words in the game, selected using public social media APIs: for example images from Flickr, videos from YouTube, songs from Last.fm, tweets from Twitter, and others. As the player browses related media, these are implicitly tagged.

The annotation data generated through the game is collected by GiveALink.org to make the game more interesting, to support other social tagging applications, and to study the tagging behavior of the players.

When you explore the words in the chain in various social media such as Flickr, Facebook, Last.fm, etc., you gain points based on your selection of words.

The Explore screen shows several social media buttons. You can choose any one of them to get media or information related to the selected words. The next screen shows a list of related media (for example pictures in Flickr or videos in YouTube). You can select items to get further details and points.

  • Explore Screen
  • Explore Screen
  • Explore Screen


The game also has location and social components. Through the location service, the words are geo-tagged so that suggestions can be localized, and it will be possible to analyze the geographical distribution of terms.

The Socialize screen shows other players from Facebook who have used the same tags in nearby locations. You can tap them to see their profiles and interact with them via Facebook. You can even visualize them on a map.

In the Settings screen, you can also adjust various parameters and preferences, such as how many words are suggested and whether your location is shared.

  • Explore Screen
  • Explore Screen
  • Explore Screen